Covid 19 Information

Covid 19 has presented challenges to many businesses, and obviously there may be concerns around buying preloved clothing items. As an ex midwife, used to working to the highest sanitary standards, I am experienced in effective hand-washing techniques, proper use of hand sanitiser, masks and aseptic technique. 

Receipt of goods

At Mojo Bean when we receive our handpicked items, after ensuring the items have been in their packaging for three days minimum, we assess each item for satins and damage. We try to balance energy use with high standards, so we only wash any item that is not fresh and clean.  Items are washed in non-bio detergent. Once dry, every item is steamed with a professional cleaner prior to photographing (Steaming is one of the most effective ways of effectively cleaning clothes). Once this is done each item is carefully folded and stored.


During dispatch we ensure we have thoroughly washed our hands and used hand sanitiser,  a mask is worn until the item is sealed in the envelope. We recommend that if you are concerned that you leave your item in it's parcel for three days and wash once opened.